Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ThiS PoST Is ToTaLLy BuLLShiT!

This Story happened about few days ago. Its so sad so please prepare tissue. *awww!

Im Sorry, if this post wasting ur time, but i cant handle this feeling by myself.

I knew A guy, just about few hours and we met here, around my place.

What can i say about him?

My First Impression, 'What An Awesome Guy'.

Come with style, t-shirt with cool 'necklace', white smart short, wow!

He's definitely my ideal man.

Little background bout him :
  1. 'Just Call me D'.
  2. Atletics body with tall bout 175 cm, like me.
  3. Work in Goverment now. Jabatan Imigresen in Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru.
  4. Come with Viva Red, Ah Cool!
  5. Is twins. haha Very Unics.
  6. Have adopt sister, 3 years old, same like me.
  7. 29 years old.
  8. Dun want to married.
  9. Not A Handsome guy. ;)

With a promise to roger2 me and meet me tomorrow of the day, made me very2 happy.

About a while, I sms2 him, until then I cant contact him anymore when i fall asleep!

I know what youolls think about.

' Ala sah2 die tanak kat ko, buat ape ko nak rungsing2?'
'Kalau die dah tak on fon maksudnye die taknak ko ganggu die lg la tu'
'Ko tak cantek, patut ler dye lari'

Atau mungkin yang baik2 sikit cakap,
'Hp dye hilang kot, bagi la die mase'
'Die sebok tu, keje goverment mne mampu sgt nak repair hp, tgu awal bulan ok?'

Ah aku tatau nak pk ape lg alasan youolls.
Tapi aku cume nak bagitau youolls, aku mmg niat nak kawan jer dulu dengan dye,
memandangkan dye tak suke terikat.

Sape2 boleh tlg shayerr.....-_-
Really nanar here.
If youolls nampak guy yang ade background di atas, Help me find his fon number.
hehe *melebey2 yer.

Im sorry, Rite now post its totally waste.

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